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Why You Should Use Boosting Boss

When it comes to boosting, we’re no noobs.

Having boosted thousands of clients over the years, our attention to security and professionalism are what separates us from the competition. At Boosting Boss, we take your security and privacy very seriously; that’s why we take lots of precautions to make sure you remain safe. From private and encrypted VPNs to secure account details storage, we’ve redefined boosting security.

If you have any concerns about paying online, then don’t fret. You can pay for any boost via PayPal – the world’s fastest and safest online payment provider. It doesn’t matter how long you need a booster for either! You can hire someone to take you all the way from the lowest rank to the highest, or just someone to help you win a few matches before the season’s over.

League of Legends Boosting

Having played League of Legends for over 10 years, we’re massive fans and specialize in helping players reach their dream division. From dominating your placement matches to climbing the ladder all the way to Gold and higher, we’ve helped thousands of players achieve their LoL goals. After helping many friends and family with their games, we finally decided to go public and launch Boosting Boss. Since our launch, we’ve helped players from all divisions and ranks get the most out of their accounts and show off to their friends.

Learn more about why we’re the best League of Legends boosters on the market below.

Services Offered: Placement Boosting, Win Boosting, Division Boosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

100% Safe

Our site is completely secure, and all transactions are carried out via PayPal to guarantee total protection. We also vet all our boosters to ensure that they are up to our high standards and deliver the best results every time. Plus, they WILL never speak on your account while in game, so there’s no need to worry about getting punished for toxic behavior either.

Dashboard To Track Progress

You will never be left in the dark when it comes to the progress of your account. Our dashboard provides you will all the essential data you need, and even comes with a warning so you know when not to log in. Additionally, if you want to pick up any tips from your booster, or just check in on how he’s doing, then this is where you can chat with them.

Guaranteed Result

With a long history in the industry and a team of boosters with excellent win ratios, we let the data speak for itself. All our boosters are handpicked and thoroughly evaluated before they begin boosting your account. As mentioned, it’s in our boosters best interest to ensure you reach your desired ranked as quickly as possible; every one of them has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction!